Accidental Damage Cover

Chipping a Chippendale. Knocking over a sculpture. Tearing a canvas. It happens. We include Accidental Damage cover up to the sum insured on our policies.

Theft Cover

From high-profile gallery heists to the disappearance of artworks from the home, art theft is a reality. We include Theft cover up to the sum insured on our policies.

Transit Cover

Artworks are most vulnerable when they are on the move, whether from home to home or around the world. We offer Transit cover as a one-off policy or add-on to an existing policy.

Our Difference

We have a passion for art, in all its forms, which enables us to appreciate the attachment clients have for the items they own – be they emotional, aesthetic, historic or economic.

Artinsure has:

  • Specialist knowledge around art and collectables
  • Specialist knowledge around photographic equipment
  • Excellent understanding of the risks that can beset your assets
  • An array of options to protect your assets
  • Uncomplicated processes and competitive pricing
Our Difference

Art is in an asset class of its own. Not only because the works themselves are unique and irreplaceable, but because, unlike most insured items, they continue to appreciate in value.

Do we have to deal with you through a broker?

In order to comply with regulatory requirements you need to deal with us through a FAIS accredited insurance broker. If you do not have a broker we can introduce you to a local one competent in our products.

Why do artworks, collectables and valuables need to be separately insured?

It is likely that standard asset insurance policies are not sufficient to respond adequately to appreciating assets such as art, collectables and valuables collections if lost, stolen or damaged. Works of art, collectables and valuables are unique and therefore irreplaceable. Even where professional restoration is possible, damage to any item may devalue it. By taking advantage of Artinsure’s specialised products, collectors can ensure that their financial interests in their appreciating assets are fully protected.

Why does photographic equipment need to be separately insured?

It is likely that photographers' insurance policies are not sufficient to respond to the risks that their equipment faces. Our products are designed with an understanding of photographers' exposures. By taking advantage of Artinsure’s specialised products photographic equipment may be better protected.

How do you get valuations for artworks, collectables and valuables?

Although Artinsure don’t value the works ourselves, we have a panel of independent appraisers covering a comprehensive and extensive range of collectables. The valuer charges a separate fee which is for the client's own account.

Is there a minimum sum insured?

No, but we do apply minimum premiums.

What commissions and fees are there?

All premiums quoted contain a 20% commission payable to the broker. We do not charge fees in addition. Brokers with whom we deal may charge additional fees which must be disclosed to you.

What do we do if the client has a claim?

Our claims process is our expertise. Let us know as soon as possible (the earlier the better to minimise loss) and we will manage the process with the key aim of making this a smooth process that returns your client to the same financial position they were in prior to the claim. The Claim form can be downloaded here.


Please ask your broker to speak to us about your unique needs

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