Photographic Equipment

What We Insure

Artinsure has pioneered a specialised product for the photographic market - Artinsure Photographer. Until the introduction of Artinsure Photographer, there has been no comprehensive insurance product for professional and enthusiast photographers.

Many photographers are not aware that most policies are not comprehensive and may not offer full coverage due to the specialist nature of their equipment. In fact an ordinary ‘all risk’ policy may not cover the normal risks that photographers encounter and could leave them exposed and out of pocket.

True to our core value added offerings, Artinsure Photographer offers the following:

  • Expert advice and knowledge of the photography market
  • Specialist repairs and replacement
  • A tailored offering to meet the unique needs of the market
  • And more…

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Affordable, tailor-made insurance for your photographic equipment. Please ask your broker to speak to us about your unique needs.

Cover We Provide

  • Theft and accidental damage cover to the photographic equipment
    - worldwide
  • Theft of the property insured when from a vehicle
  • Hire of equipment
  • Accidental damage to or theft of your portfolio
  • Access to professional restorers and appraisers
  • Accidental damage to or theft of your film stock
  • Deterioration of film stock
  • X-ray scanning
  • Processing loss
  • Accidental damage resulting in reshoot costs *
  • Accidental damage to or theft of property at exhibitions *
  • Public liability *

* Only applies to Professional Photographers