Agency Application Forms

Dear Brokers,

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Please find attached the agency application documents which need to be completed and returned in order to enable us to do business with you.

Once you have completed and returned the application, along with the other additional documents requested on the application form, we will tailor the Sub-Agency Agreement according to the information provided and send this to you to be signed and returned.

The agreement will then be signed by all relevant parties.

Kindly email the signed Sub-Agency Agreement once received as well as posting the original signed documents to the following address:

Attention: Artinsure
PO Box 87419 Houghton,

The originals are needed for the other parties to sign.

  • Agency Application Form

    Size: 454 KB

  • Personal Service Provider Declaration

    Size: 336 KB

  • Tax Classification Questionnaire

    Size: 342 KB

Art & Collectables

Policy Wordings

  • Antique Dealer Policy Wording

    Size: 319 KB

  • Art Collectables Policy Wording

    Size: 371 KB

  • Auctioneer Policy Wording

    Size: 257 KB

  • Fine Art Dealer Policy Wording

    Size: 239 KB

  • Fine Art Exhibitions Policy Wording

    Size: 248 KB

Proposal Forms

Claim Form

Debit Order Form

Photographic Equipment

Artinsure offer two options on photographry cover, the Enthusiast Photographer product is ideal for those who earn less than 50% of their income through photography. Cover does not extend on this product to include Public Liability,  Laptops, iPads and Cell Phones.

The Professional Photographer product is tailored for the unique requirements of a Professional Photographer, and can be extended to include Public Liability,  Laptops, iPads and Cell Phones on request.

Policy Wordings

  • Enthusiast Photographer Policy Wording

    Size: 226 KB

  • Professional Photographer and Videographer Policy Wording

    Size: 260 KB

Proposal Forms

  • Enthusiast Photographer Proposal

    Size: 218 KB

  • Professional Photographer Proposal

    Size: 216 KB




  • Annexure A for PAIA

    Size: 475 KB

  • Art and Collectables - Brochure

    Size: 578 KB

  • Artinsure Promotion of Access to Information Manual

    Size: 62 KB

  • Complaints Form

    Size: 35 KB

  • Conflict of Interest and Insider Trading Policy

    Size: 312 KB

  • Hollard Privacy Policy

    Size: 203 KB

  • Panel of Valuers

    Size: 129 KB

  • Photographer - Brochure

    Size: 1 MB

  • The FAIS Complaint Procedures

    Size: 207 KB

Section 13 Certificates

  • Section 13 Certificate - Chelene Kingsley-Wilkins

    Size: 213 KB

  • Section 13 Certificate - Gail Bosch

    Size: 213 KB

  • Section 13 Certificate - Gordon Massie

    Size: 219 KB