Otherscapes – four fascinating installations

September 5, 2023

Articles, Mandie's Pick

Four leading contemporary artists, Siemon Allen, Wim Botha, Nicholas Hlobo and Sethembile Msezane have created unique works in Otherscapes. The exhibition positions a view of contemporary South Africa through four large-scale installations that can be seen as ‘scapes’. These suggest different takes on the state of the country by exploring narratives around people and nation, identity and place, body and space. If it were possible to create a collective sense of belonging in South Africa, what would it look like, and how would it feel?

The four installations evoke forms that emerge from the landscape rather than solid structures. Since they are interactive spatial environments, the viewer must walk around, in or through the installations in order to engage with them. The works present subjective views informed by colonialism, politics, memory and spirituality. From the illusion of the rainbow nation to the prospect of a failed state, the exhibition interrogates what lies in the space between utopia and failure. 

The exhibition runs until November 4th, 2023. Viewing is free but by appointment only via the JCAF website at www.jcaf.org.za.

Installation view of Nicholas Hlobo, Ndize (2010).
Photo Graham De Lacy