It’s Fair Season again!

August 27, 2020


Although COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown has cast a cloud over the country, there is a silver lining for Art Lovers.

Instead of experiencing live fairs over an extended weekend, the online platforms allow us to experience and enjoy the incredible artwork available for a much longer period, all from the comfort of your own home.

It’s not only the Exhibitions going digital; Museums around the world have opened up their collections for online viewing; giving us access to view works that we would never normally have had the opportunity to enjoy. Explore some of these collections here.

Online Auctions have quickly become the new norm and it has been encouraging to see that there is still a very healthy interest in purchasing quality artworks, despite not being able to physically view them beforehand.

As more and more people purchase art online, collectors should be concerned with what happens if the piece is damaged during shipping? What is covered if the piece is damaged when delivered? Art and collectables are a fast growing asset class around the world, representing years of value that could diminish in a matter of seconds.

Insuring art is a crucial part of collecting. Thus, collectors should take time to insure with an insurance provider that understands the value of art and collectables.

At iTOO Art insure you are covered for:

  • Accidental Damage Cover
    Chipping a Chippendale. Knocking over a sculpture. Tearing a canvas. It happens. We include Accidental Damage cover up to the sum insured on our policies.
  • Theft Cover
    From high-profile gallery heists to the disappearance of artworks from the home, art theft is a reality. We include Theft cover up to the sum insured on our policies.
  • Transit Cover
    Artworks are most vulnerable when they are on the move, whether from home to home or around the world. We offer Transit cover as a one-off policy or add-on to an existing policy

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news in the art world. There are young and aspiring artists who are really struggling to make ends meet, and they desperately need our support during these difficult times.

TLC Student Design

The Lockdown Collection Initiative curates and auctions a collection of artworks created during our nationwide lockdown by renowned South African artists, and in turn, provides financial aid to artists facing situations where they are unable to support themselves and their families.

The Lockdown Collection features works by student artists from The University of Johannesburg and Artist Proof Studio, of which we’ve had a long history with and have a wonderful connection with the artists and students who participated when we sponsored the creation of the beautiful murals painted throughout the Hollard Campus where we are based.

To support these talented students view and purchase one of their limited edition works by clicking click here.

Proceeds of the sale of The TLC Student Collection will go to the Visual Artist Fund and the participating artists from Artist Proof Studio and The University of Johannesburg.