im Kinsky to offer work at special auction

April 23, 2024


It is interesting to note that the work is not being auctioned in London or New York by one of the leading international auction houses but by the much smaller Viennese auctioneers im Kinsky in acknowledgement of their international expertise in dealing with works of art that were confiscated and seized during the Nazi era. With their historical knowledge of art and legal expertise, the portrait will now be put up for auction on 24 April 2024 on behalf of the owners as well as the legal successors of the Lieser family. This arrangement is based on an agreement in accordance with the Washington Principles of 1998, 11 guidelines addressing the ways in which Nazi confiscated property should be returned to its rightful owners. Prior to the auction the painting will travel worldwide in cooperation with LGT Bank to be presented to the public at various international locations.

The im Kinsky auction house estimates the painting’s value at more than $54 million.

“Portrait of Fraulein Lieser”, 1917
Oil on canvas; framed 140×80 cm