Collecting Watches

Collecting Watches

March 24, 2014


In creating these delicate pieces of craftsmanship, watchmakers are regularly compared to artists. The precision and accuracy, the steady hand, dedication and focus involved in making a flawless watch is respected and renowned around the world. Buyers demand expertise and scholarship and therefore the best watches are increasing in value in a healthy and ever growing market. Rolex and Patek Philippe’s are rising in value by over 18% a year and therefore watches can be considered a safe investment piece.

One of Patek Philippe’s masterpieces (c.1955) recently sold in South Africa at auction for R 1 904 000 and will continue to climb in value. Watches’ aesthetic appeals aid their worth and are hugely varied meaning there is one out there for every taste. Collectible watches are often antiques which are widely regarded as being reliable and the best quality. The further appeal is they may have a story behind them as watches were traditionally passed down through generations. Watches are not just pieces of art but can be used and appreciated daily.

The precision of watches are essential to our enjoyment and their worth but historically watchmakers faced many years of struggle. Marine nations in the 18th century suffered many disasters through errors of longitude and time keeping. Sir Cloudesley Shovell suffered such a fate. On a voyage across the British seas, thinking he was in the English Channel, Shovell shipwrecked himself and his crew on the Italian island of Sicily. Thankfully watch-making has come a long way since then!

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