Collectables to suit every whim

August 2, 2022


Collectors of unusual objects can be eccentric in their choice of acquisitions. It is believed that this 19 th century vampire hunting-kit once took pride of place in the home of Lord Hailey, a one-time administrator of British India. Valued at 2 000 pounds, it recently sold at auction to an anonymous bidder from the UK for a substantially higher 16 900 pounds.

Hailey’s ‘vampire-hunting kit’ is equipped with all the necessary tools to fend off a chance encounter with one of these unearthly creatures. The wooden box has two decorative brass crucifixes on the lid that double as a
secret locking system securing the contents. Inside are two matching pistols, a brass powder flask, Holy Water, a Bible, a wooden mallet, a stake, brass candlesticks and rosary beads. The kit even contains Metropolitan police
paperwork from the era.

Vampires have had a place in European folklore for centuries. According to legend the creatures are said to have pointy fangs and survive on human blood and can be warded off by garlic, crosses and other Christian artifacts. Yet, experts have questioned vampire-hunting kits from the era as they are convinced that they’re often a combination of authentic objects and artificially aged ones.

Well, to those who are firm believers, happy vampire hunting!

Main image –This 19th century vampire-slaying kit was owned by Lord William Malcolm Hailey. Sourced from CNN.