A novel idea!

February 7, 2023


Museé Maillol in Paris has partnered with the French Federation of Naturism to host special sessions when visitors can attend its nude sculpture exhibition in the nude themselves.

“Hyperrealism. This is Not a Body,” a group show of 30 lifelike sculptures, many nude, opened at Paris’s Museé Maillol in November last year marking the 13th stop of the exhibition’s now six-year world tour.  Nudist visitors can book specially appointed time slots if they wish to enjoy a more realistic experience. A partnership between Belgian agency Tempora and the German Institute for Cultural Exchange assembled the 1,000-square-meter exhibition, filling it with hyper realistic works by 26 star sculptors. The artists’ subjects span ages and genders to illustrate creative advancements in the modeling, casting, and painting of the human figure over the last 50 years.

“You feel like you’re part of the sculptures,” an attendee said. “The visitor is no longer naked, he is part of the exhibition.”

According to the museum all 800 nudist slots at the Maillol sold out in record time.

Main image – installation view. © Thomas Faverjon, courtesy of Tempora.