Artist Ai Weiwei’s Recreation of Claude Monet’s Iconic ‘Water Lilies’

May 23, 2023


One of the French Impressionist’s most famous paintings depicts the lily ponds at Monet’s beloved gardens in Giverny near Paris, an idyllic scene hazily rendered by his characteristic bold brushstrokes. In the new medium of Lego, however, it took 650,000 bricks in 22 colors to make, reaching nearly 50 feet in length.

The result is what the museum calls “a depersonalized language of industrial parts and colors”.

“Our world is complex and collapsing towards an unpredictable future. It’s crucial for individuals to find a personalized language to express their experience of these challenging conditions,” said Ai Weiwei in a statement. “Without a personal narrative, artistic narration loses its quality.

Photo: © Ela Bialkowska/OKNO studio; courtesy of the artist and Galleria Continua